Environmental information visit in the Elementary School of Vlachokerasia

2014_Vlachokerasia-Elementary-School-(1).jpgOn Thursday May 8th 2014 three members of the Management Body of mount Parnon & Moustos wetland and a French volunteer of the European Voluntary Service, visited the elementary school of Vlachokerasia Arcadia. Forty five (45) students of elementary school and the kindergarten and their teachers, attended in two groups, two environmental information on presentations that themed “Forests of black pine in Parnon and their restoration after the fire of 23/8/2007” and "The chestnut tree". All young students had the opportunity to get acquainted with some different habitat types of the protected area, such as those of the chestnut groves and the black pine forests, through the various photographic and audiovisual materials used in each presentation.

2014_Vlachokerasia-Elementary-School-(2).jpgThe presentation on the chestnut was combined with the educational program that has been implemented from the beginning of the school year in the first two grades of elementary school “A treasure hidden in a thorny chest”. The presentation to the forests of black pine targeted the older students of the school and was accompanied by a screening of the documentary "The travelling seed " which was created within the project LIFE+ NATURE LIFE07 NAT/GR/000286 entitled “Restoration of Pinus nigra forests on Mount Parnonas (GR2520006) through a structured approach”. The film is about getting to know the black pine forests and their values, to present a structured approach after a fire, for the restoration of black pine, which was applied for the first time in Greece, in mount Parnon and how we can get from collecting the seed at planting seedlings. Both presentations were concluded with a constructive dialogue with students about the problems that these habitats face from bush fires, air pollution, plant illness and illegal activities in general.


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