Green Fund 2013

PRASINO-TAMEIO.pngThe Management Body of mount Parnon & Moustos wetland under protocol no 1111/7-12-2012 submitted a proposal of 5.000,00 €, regarding the financial program:"Natural Environment 2013" Priority Axis 2" Co-Funding LIFE Projects" Green Fund, coverage of self participation in the project LIFE PINUS “Restoration of Pinus nigra forests on Mount Parnon (GR2520006) through a structured approach”.

After the consideration of the Management Body’s proposals for both Priority Axes of the Audit Committee of the proposals of the Green Fund, it was decided to co-fund the proposal. Also, the coverage of self participation of the management body in the project was funded with 4.000,00 € from Priority Axis 1, and 1.000,00 € from Priority Axis 2.


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